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Do you remember the days when dining was driven by product campaigns? Staged food from a brightly lit studio stretched across our televisions, newspapers, and magazines. Consumers were driven by the new and exciting – making dining trends much more predictable. Fast forward to present day. Consumers desire a connection with their food and gimmick-free authenticity is key.


You’re probably wondering how someone starts a post about authenticity with technology, a great source for all things inauthentic. That same technology is where the consumer goes to connect. Social media offers reviews, photos, and even causes to get behind. Millennials want their brands to align with their values. When brands mimic a lifestyle, we lower our guards. Photos of foods become our new temptation, and the stories behind them become our new conversation pieces.

Go to the Source

Urban Casual offers their diners authenticity through sourcing. Focus on ingredients and made-from-scratch cooking is key. Co-founder Kimbal Musk insists, “It’s about knowing the farmer or beef supplier and how the cattle was raised. In the industrial food system there is no trust.” Trust, something that all brands strive to establish with the consumer, is gained through involving the farmer, the ecosystem, and the surrounding region. Even in urban settings, urban farms supply restaurants fresh produce that is farmed within hours of delivery. Abandoned warehouses, steel mills, and rooftops become repurposed and refurbished – converting concrete into community farms.

Technology and local sourcing are just small steps in developing brand authenticity. Stay tuned for our next blog as we look even further towards connecting with consumers.

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