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Citrus on Fire

Citrus fruits are still one of the top selling fruits in our country. We are drawn to the aromas and fresh flavor, the sweet and the sour, the refreshing zing and the zang of the fruits and their juices.

Today we are seeing the rise of purposely charred foods. We are discovering the dependable flavors and caramelizing of “charred”. Citrus now enters the charred food scene, and why not? By charring citrus the natural sugars caramelize creating a unique more concentrated flavor profile. Citrus is burnt, torched, grilled, smoked and blistered. This balances the sour and provides a deep, rich, bitter note of flavor balance.

Much creativity is coming out of the charred citrus concept. For example a smoked orange dressing or a charred orange marmalade vinaigrette adds a different dimension to salads. A lemon aioli tastes much different when made with charred lemon. For dessert let’s try a torched citrus peel cake. The citrus rinds will caramelize nicely.


Along with that delicious torched citrus peel cake we will need a beverage to drink and what better than a cup of tea? Teas have been an essential beverage in countries around the world for years. In fact the United Sates comes to the growing tea party rather late.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of teas is the belief that teas are better for us than coffee. Green teas are high in antioxidants. Matcha a powdered green tea, is also an ingredient in ice cream, yogurt and baked goods. Chamomile has long been known for its calming effects and if you ate too much of our torched citrus peel cake you may want to try a cup of peppermint tea to aid in digestion. Kombucha is a black or green tea with naturally occurring probiotics Iced teas are flavored with purees and garnishes.

Increasing varieties of teas are listed on menus and their origin described. A fine dining establishment in New York offers twenty four different brews. They are prepared tableside with various vessels and methods. Teas are offered by the cup in a tea progression.

A cup of tea is comforting anytime of the day. Maybe float some charred orange or lemon in the cup.

Also, remember what Julia Child said…..

“I think every woman should have a blowtorch.” – Julia Child

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