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A Passage to India

The cooking, eating and dining trends of today continue to evolve as our palates become more adventurous. Flavors are more spicy, hotter and full of global fusion. Restaurants offer small plates and shareable foods creating a friendlier, communal dining experience. It’s no wonder why Indian food is now emerging on today’s menus.
Indian foods are reminiscent with pleasing flavors and aromas. Regional flavors are sharp to delicate, tangy to smooth and spicy hot to cool. Food trucks offering Indian street food make mouths water. What a great fit for today’s palate! Combing the tradition if Indian food with today’s modern American has led to the increase of Indian inspired offerings on our menus.

Many of today’s popular herbs and spices are from India. Turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black cumin, tamarind, coriander, pomegranate seed, cinnamon, curry, saffron, garam masala just to name a few. When adding Indian cuisine to a menu, authentic local and sustainable ingredients are a must. Also consider specific regional preparations, creative interpretations with today’s American trends in a contemporary environment.

If you are a short rib fan Sambar a popular restaurant in Culver City California, offers Masala Braised Short Ribs. The ribs are slow braised in onion, garam masala and red wine broth. They are served with Milliken Farms sweet potatoes, curry leaf and turmeric relish. We salad aficionados may prefer the Chicken Tandoori Salad with greens, tandoori roasted chicken and cucumber raita at Saffron in Los Angeles. Best of all, sports lovers can watch their favorite teams while munching on Wings of Furry, chicken wings tossed in a curry powder dry rub and served with sriracha at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Indian food with its bold clean flavors, healthy eating halo and shareable, communal culture has finally arrived on the culinary scene! Now it’s time to enjoy!

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