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No matter how many gluten free, low carbohydrate diets there are in the world, there will always be a place for bread. In fact, the love for bread is on the rise! With the concern for health and wellness, ancient and sprouted grains appear in breakfast bowls, salads and of course breads. Sprouted and whole grain breads once only appearing in vegan restaurants, are stealing the show. Healthy rye breads are gaining awareness too perhaps due to the modern German trend and the Nordic cuisine effect.

Artisan breads made from scratch and fresh baked, lead to authenticity and value. Breads are naturally fermented without any preservatives, chemicals or additives. Many artisan bakeries only use 100% organic ingredients and each loaf is baked fresh every day. Some new and unique varieties are whole wheat gruyere, polenta pumpkinseed and ancient grain with amaranth, spelt, teft and sorghum flour. One of the simplest yet satisfying ways to showcase these breads is through toast. Accompany them with tantalizing pestos, oils, or cheeses, and you will have a fantastic comfort food that can highlight any cuisine.

What’s happening with our classic English muffin? With restaurants serving creative variations of eggs benedict, English muffin awareness is on the rise. With the fastest growing daypart being breakfast, they sandwich combinations of eggs, meats, cheese and vegetables. Try a scrambled egg sandwich with ham, bacon, turkey and avocado with mayo on the classic muffin.

With its ties to artisan baking and it’s on trend fermented flavor, sourdough bread is back in the spotlight. Try making a savory sourdough French toast perhaps with herbed goat cheese, honey ham and a drizzle of real maple syrup! The bread has been around since ancient Egypt. Sorry California bakeries!

Global cuisine also brings new breads to the American table. The Mexican cemita is a sandwich bread close to a brioche. The tellera roll is perfect fit for Latin sandwiches. It’s similar to a baguette but softer in the center. Piada, now a staple in the Italian fast-casual restaurants, often served as a shareable flatbread or a stuffed wrap. With Indian food becoming more popular today, paratha a thicker Indian flatbread has endless possibilities for sandwiches. Goa Taco in New York serves a slow roasted pork belly paratha taco with pickled red cabbage and chipotle mayonnaise.

With attention to health and wellness and the cravability of global flavors today’s bread varieties only enhance the creative layers of flavor and texture in our foods. With the addition of breads from other cuisines new menu possibilities are endless!

Eat well!

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