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What’s the key to great seafood? Daring preparations, new classics, and thoughtfully sourced seafood! The topic of seafood is everywhere, and at times, it’s even worth repeating. Seafood is more accessible than ever, making it prime for the menu.

Get Fishy
Seafood used to be safe with chefs avoiding fishy flavors. Fish was prepared to blend in with its counterparts; never to stand out. Now, canned sprats, oysters, and sardines are served straight from the tin. Herring fillets are pickled. Cold smoked fish is considered to be just as luxe as caviar. Chefs delight in these unique flavors!

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of seafood is the current focus on sustainability. “I think that our guests are choosing the dish not the fish. The scientific data on overfishing changes all the time. We use what’s sustainable that week or month and change it when we need to” says chef Andrew Grue of Slapfish. Consumers crave proteins that are clean, healthy, and sustainable. Even more, they crave a connection with their food, so topics of endangered species, good fishing practices, and health matter now more than ever. These practices create opportunities for dishes like made to order ceviche. Mass quantities are taken out of the equation, fish is tossed in juices and seasonings and sent into the dining room – creating what everyone is craving: fresh, personalized, and unique.

New Classics
As with many of our trends, the old becomes new again. Traditional breakfasts are very popular right now so we couldn’t help but take notice that traditional Japanese breakfasts include fish such as salmon. American classics such as crab cakes are everywhere too! At Brown Bag Revival in Chicago they serve curry fish cakes with ginger lime sauce. This is just one of MANY ways we are seeing fish cakes prepared.

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