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Comfort food, it’s always in style, whether in fine dining or a more casual setting. Diners flock to dishes that incite tradition and warmth, and comfort food does just that!

The Classics
Perhaps the perfect option for any taste, meatloaf takes on various cuisines and tastes. Mediterranean options include lamb loaf with pine nuts and feta. Pork loaf with chorizo and manchego adds a Spanish spin. Meatloaf is even an option for non-meat eaters, like vegetarian loaf from shiitake mushrooms and zucchini. Chicken pot pies are gaining attention as well! Chefs like Matt Bolus focus on the small details – browning and poaching the meat and using the stock to flavors his fillings. Both pot pies and meatloafs bring about nostalgia, whether served traditionally or updated with a variety of seasonings and ingredients.

One Pot Cooking
As chefs look for new ways to utilize food scraps, they turn to one pot cooking! The ultimate way to build flavor, meats are braised and reduced in stages. Aromatics and acidity like shallots, chives, olives, herbs, and mushrooms build dishes over time. From hours of cooking appear ragus, stews, and paellas. One pot cooking has no rules! Bases vary, as do meats, with meats being excluded all together on occasion. Chefs even use one pot, slow cooking to prepare desserts like layered cobblers and moist cakes.

Skillets are the ultimate comfort carrier, steeped in tradition pulled from the hearth during pioneer days. Serving portions are easily adjusted in skillets, making them an option for meals like stews or small bar bites and small plates. Acorn in Denver uses them for their skillet meatballs – tomato braised meatballs with burrata and grits. If you’re looking for a greater perceived value of your food, skillets present food as being homemade. Whether for appetizers, main courses, or desserts skillets present old fashioned values even when serving the most modern of foods.

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