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Convenience on the Menu!

“Convenience.” The word brings to mind those miracle appliances that promise to make time in the kitchen faster. Or perhaps the convenience store around the corner, where you can always find those last minute grocery items. Surprisingly, “convenience” is becoming one of our favorite culinary buzzwords.

Indoor Farming
Restaurants like Beefsteak in Washington DC are embracing the convenience of indoor farming. They boast about produce grown in house, no matter the season. Because climate is controlled many seasonal ingredients are now conveniently offered all year. Indoor units, the size of large bookcases, bring forth a variety of greens such as Japanese mustard greens and micro-arugula. Forget farm to table, diners can now have their food so fresh that it can be deemed “restaurant to table”.

Fast. Casual. Convenient.
Fast-casual restaurants are influencing and attracting chefs, restaurateurs and executives across the hospitality industry. As a society, we are speeding up and moving toward speed-oriented food, which is no longer fast food. Instead, fast casuals offer local ingredients, naturally raised meats, and even locally roasted, single-origin beans for drip coffee. Many of these elements were once exclusive to fine dining, but once again, convenience prevails.

Indoor farming and fast casual concepts are just a few instances of convenience rising to the top. Meal kits are beginning to make restaurants share the dining market. Everything consumers crave when dining out can now be enjoyed while dining in. Menu Innovator, as a predictive guide, sees convenience continuing to rise to the forefront of dining trends. Visit our site to learn more!

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