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Global flavors are now being blended into the melting pot of American cooking making them an expectation rather than a novelty. They add a heighted flavor that guests are craving.

Chinese Char Siu is a form of Chinese barbecue with great potential for menu translation. Hearty strips of boneless pork shoulder are skewered on to long forks and roasted over fire. The pork is basted with a mixture of five spice, honey, fermented bean curd, dark hoisin and sherry resulting in a juicy, tender, savory, sticky and crisp product. Why not a char siu quesadilla, taco or short rib?

Shawarma is the new gyro! A whole muscle meat lamb, beef or chicken is marinated in a tart garlic marinade and spit roasted. What could be more universal? Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving. The meat stays roasting on the spit. Excellent in a flat bread rolled with onion, tomato, pepperoncini and hummus. Try it over a roasted garlic, bulgur and brown rice pilaf, garnish with marinated feta.

More and more global foods now appear on our menus in many heightened applications. There is no limit to the culinary excitement and creativity being generated!

Let’s deviate from “global” flavors to that “good old American” favorite, French Fries and not just with ketchup! Fries are now a gussied up phenomenon. Any ingredient can be combined to create a mountain of delectable goodness. If you’ve ever been to Shake Shack their Poutine Fries are a must. Double cooked fries topped with braised pork bellies, garlic aioli and house made buttermilk ricotta, it’s to die for. An Italian fan? Try Carbonara Frites with black pepper, pecorino cheese and pancetta pepato. Potato Champion in Portland Oregon serves Peanut Butter and Jelly Fries topped with satay sauce and smoky chipotle raspberry jam. Popular fry toppings include cheese, bacon, garlic, onion, Parmesan, sour cream, truffle, kimchi, mozzarella and gravy. Combinations are limitless!

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