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Our Media Spotlight found this late summer’s most talked about cuisines to be:

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Asian Cuisine
Asian continues to infiltrate all cuisines. Asian chefs continue to prove their cuisine is much more than sushi, teriyaki, soy, tempura and miso soup. With knowledge of healthy eating plus growing global awareness new forms of Asian cooking are showing up on menus. Modern Asian includes everything from izakaya dishes, (Japanese tapas) to tuna tacos served in crispy wontons. Emphasis is on the freshest ingredients simply prepared as not to cover up the flavor of the food itself. The dish should taste like its ingredients.

Ice Cream
Our last blog talked about the growth of charcuterie and the fusion of flavors and tradition. Another food continually growing in popularity and flavors is what we all scream for, ice cream! You may not think these two food products complement each other, but until you have Bourbon Praline Pecan ice cream topped with a chocolate and salted caramel sauce and lots of candied Applewood smoked bacon you haven’t lived!

Nothing is passé about today’s ice cream parlor. Peppered nuts sit next to colored sprinkles. Floats get a splash of house made soda and shakes are made of green tea ice cream. Building an ice cream sundae is like a chef layering flavors into his entrée. First, choose a flavor of ice cream. Miscellaneous in San Francisco, offers new indulgent flavors such as Brown Butter Sage and Bourbon Old Fashion. Second choose a sauce, perhaps a salted or sesame caramel. Third add a flavor pop with something tangy such as pickled mango or pineapple. Fourth and final crunchies! Choose a flavored popcorn, spiced nuts, chocolate flavored pretzels or Fruity Pebbles cereal. The sky is the limit!

Something different? Bluebird Microcreamery in Seattle is a creamery and brewery. Grab a seat at the 1920’s counter and choose from a variety of beer floats. Food Halls are popping up in cities all over the country offering foods from different cuisines and specialty items. Of course artisanal ice cream is a must. Lines form for basil and nut ice cream or organic, locally made fruit pops.

Food Halls
Food Halls are being built all over the country. Mario Balali’s Eatlaly in New York combines seven restaurants a brewery and multiple markets. He is expanding his concept to Chicago, Santa Barbara and San Antonio. At Eastern Market in Detroit there are 250 vendors selling locally grown and prepared foods. Here one can find raw milk cheese from Oliver Farms or juniper garlic bratwurst from Corridor Sausage Company. At Atlanta’s Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market food is a taken seriously. Each market showcases its culinary talent with dining areas featuring famous as well as up and coming chefs. Food and Wine Best New Chef, Anne Quatro makes fish shack style sandwiches at Ponce City. Todd Ginsberg of Fred’s Meat and Bread, makes sandwiches with layers of meats, cheese and unique sauces.

Multi-cultural Food Halls offer a convenient and stylish way to shop and eat. They combine restaurants of different cuisines with local artisanal items and foods. They offer common dining areas where friends can meet. Shop for cured meats, gourmet pastries, artisan breads, unique food ingredients and of course that artisanal ice cream. Enjoy a microbrew, shop with a glass of wine or sit at a coffee bar. This is the return to how we used to shop, by visiting specialty shops rather than one big store. So many people under one roof coming together and creating an event of culinary satisfaction, what could be better?!

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