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Forget Boring, A Few Exciting Healthy Options for Your Menu!

Have you ever given up on health food? Maybe if it weren’t so bland – Or maybe if it weren’t so boring? At this point, it even seems like the newest health food trends are really just old news. Maybe it’s time for you to give a few healthy options just one more look. It seems that our wholesome choices finally have more to offer!

Indoor Farming and Sustainability
With indoor units now in development, restaurants like Beefsteak in Washington DC and Great Northern Food Hall in NYC have started using indoor farming units for a year-round supply of greens, such as Japanese mustard and micro arugula. Consumers have high expectations for produce, as well as sustainable foods. Chicken should be free-range, eggs cage-free, and beef grass-fed. A general rule is that meat should have no hormones or antibiotics. In fact, 41% of consumers say it’s important the seafood they eat in restaurants be sustainable, and 41% says it’s important that the environment is not negatively impacted by that seafood according to the Technomic seafood and vegetarian trend report 2017.

Coal, Ash, and Flame
Coal roasting may be the flip side of live-fire cooking, but it is no less important than dunking food in flames. Chef Rick Bayless and others are experimenting with coal and hot ash roasting as a cooking technique. Embered eggs are buried in a mixture of ¼ embers and ¾ cornmeal, and the pan of eggs is left in the oven overnight. The result is yolks that stay yellow and creamy and whites that turn brown and take on a roasted chicken aroma at Stroke, Charlotte. Even the humble cabbage, known for its role as a supporting dish, is charred on a plancha at Avec in Chicago after being covered in white wine and aromatics.
Indoor farming and a focus on sustainability are just a few ways that our menus are getting healthier. Add bold flavors from ashes and flame to get away from over-salting. Finally, something far from boring!

“The simplest vegetable put over fire creates incredible changes” - Ashley Christensen

Eat well.

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