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Mexican food has been a longstanding favorite here in the US. For the longest time we flocked to Mexican restaurants for our favorite margaritas and fajitas. Today, Mexican influence shines through into our mainstream cocktails, foods, and even coffees. This Latin influencer is everywhere!


As small batch liquors and specialty cocktails continue to grace our menus, tequila fits right in. Its flavor varies greatly depending on how it is distilled and how long it ages – making it shine on most cocktail menus. Even in coffee, we find tequila! The Mexican Jumping Bean is prepared with espresso, tequila, and flavored liquor at Kobrick Coffee Co. in New York. With summer in view, try a drink frozen! Paletas, Mexican popsicles, bring classic Mexican authenticity to our favorite drinks.

Street Food

Street food moves off of the street and onto the menu. Tortas are layered sandwiches on a crusty, white roll. They are full of meat cutlets, avocado, chipotle, panela cheese, white onion and a splash of chili sauce. Authentic ones also have a few papalo leaves, a green herb with citrus flavor. Bodega Negra Café in New York serves crispy pork belly torta with refried cowboy beans, quesa Oaxaca and a fried egg.

We’re also loving the modern fish tacos that are popping up all over the country. They’re the ultimate bar-snack food – combining the taco trend with the seafood momentum. At Torchy’s Tacos, try The Scallywag with coconut battered shrimp, bacon, green chilies, shredded cheese, pickled onions, homemade habanero peach jam and cilantro on a flour tortilla!

If you don’t have Mexican influence on your menu, try it! Turn your favorite beverage into a popsicle. Your hit sandwich can become a portable taco. The limits are endless!

Eat well.

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