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Pork is a favorite found among most cuisines. With pork’s flavor and preparation versatility, it’s no surprise! It’s the fastest growing protein over the last four years, up 20.3%. There are many ways that we are seeing pork on the menu, and this year it shines – in both fine dining and as our favorite comfort food.

High End
“Specialty pork” makes waves! Jambon de Bayonne is a Basque ham - raw, unsmoked and simply cured with salt and air-dried. It has its own label and cannot be duplicated. Chefs serve it as a specialty item with complimentary sauces, vegetables, and cheeses. Pork dishes on the menu are highlighting specific breeds of pig as well. For example, the Red Wattle is a hybrid of a particular group of wild pigs found in the late 1970’s that were crossed with Duroc hogs. Known as the “porkiest pork you can get”, this popular pig is difficult to get ahold of. Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill House serves Red Wattle Pork Chops, basted in butter and served with cheddar grits. This dish is so popular, it has an online following; a reminder that pork is here to stay on the menu.

Eclectic Comfort Food
“Filipino food is a great comfort food. It’s meant to be eaten with family and friends. It’s everybody shares. It’s always multiple dishes, finger foods and a spread of many different types of food,” says Chef Jess Guzman. It’s no surprise that Filipino comfort food consists of tamales stuffed with Filipino adobo pork (cooked in a vinegar, soy and garlic sauce) and pork adobo lumpia (meat filled spring rolls). Filipino cuisine is one of many the embraces pork as comfort food. From Japan, diners are enjoying katsu sando, white sandwich bread slathered with sweet-savory tonkatsu sauce topped with a breaded pork cutlet. Craving something Hawaiian? Try the Kahlua Pig, at Onomea Brooklyn. One thing is certain – no matter the cuisine, pork delivers the feel of home cooked, made from scratch, comfort food.

How are you using pork on your menu?

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