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We as consumers want to feel good about what we eat. It’s not all about calories, fat and salt. It’s about freshly prepared food with fresh ingredients and different flavor profiles. With winter weather still knocking at our doors, bowls full of hearty and healthy delectable combinations hit the spot.

Savory porridge a staple in all cuisines, has turned a new page. It has the potential to be flavored in a countless number of ways. Today’s Chefs are customizing porridge with global flavors and innovative presentations. They can be sweet or savory and garnished with a variety of proteins, vegetables or fruits. Gaining in popularity is Congee, an Asian rice porridge cooked in a savory broth. Think of it as Asian risotto.

Besides rice varieties, porridge bases can be oats, millet, barley, buckwheat, heirloom grains or a combination of grains. The appeal to the consumer is in the add-ins like braised pork belly, soft cooked eggs or stewed fruits.

Porridge pop up establishments such as Porridge and Puffs in Los Angeles and Brooklyn Porridge Company serve healthy food that’s comforting and delicious. Customers can design their own bowls choosing from sweet and savory toppings or choose a bowl from the menu. Little Sister in Los Angeles serves congee with duck confit or poached chicken, cilantro, fried shallots and Chinese crullers. The University of Massachusetts has a congee breakfast bar. Students can customize their bowls with peanuts, green onions, crispy dried shallots, fruits, vegetables and sauces.

With our increasingly diverse population and the surge towards breakfast, porridge could become the next big item on the brunch menu!

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