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Protein – Looking Past Chicken, Beef, and Pork

Wild Game

Across the globe, almost every cuisine utilizes animals other than chicken, beef, or pork in some way. Chefs all over the country are beginning to do the same. Local restaurants showcase the best of their surroundings to create wild game menus for the finest gourmet dining experiences. We are loving the “Brothel Burger” from Ophelia’s Electric Soap Box, which is “Elk, Korean BBQ, Miso Candied Bacon, Ponzu Onions, Pickled Vegetables & a Pretzel Bun”. Talk about perfection!

The greatest cuts of wild game, such as the tenderloin, aren't necessarily needed to get the best flavor and tenderness. In fact, lower-grade cuts of meat can be used to obtain the same results. As restaurants implement the “nose-to-tail” philosophy of using all the elements of an animal in cooking, some of the most creative menus emerge.


Feeling brave? Consider another source of protein – Insects. They are a sustainable protein source and an inexpensive one as well. Stephan Pyles serves black ant guacamole with black ant salt at his Flora Street Café. You may wonder if insects are really a viable option to serve to the masses – We did! But when the Chili Lime Grasshoppers sold out this year on opening day at Seattle’s Safeco field at $4 per bowl, we were convinced.

Last week we touched on fermented foods. This week, as we look at alternative proteins, a common theme rises to the top. Chefs are no longer playing it safe!

Eat well.

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