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Step up the Flavor with Fermentation

“Good Bacteria” You’ve heard the term on the news, in the grocery aisle, and maybe even from your neighbor who swears that good bacteria has turned their health around. Promises of improved digestion, boosted immunity, and the possibility of getting leaner emerge. And with claims like this, diners are taking note and chefs are producing foods packed with probiotics! Fermented foods are a healthy way to bring consumers their healthy dose.


Our favorite fermented tea is found on tap, in cocktails, and even in desserts.

Made by adding sugar to brewed tea with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, kombucha draws consumers with its high probiotic content. We’re eager to try the carrot infused gin and ginger kombucha at Woods Hill Table in Concord, Massachusetts! Kombucha can be made with a range of teas like elderberry, chamomile, and even rosehips. Find the one that compliments your menu!


For all of the miso lovers out there, we have doenjang, a fermented soybean paste. Its sour-salty-rich flavor is fundamental for the thick sauces of Korean cooking. It is found in traditional Korean soups and barbecue sauces. Perhaps doenjang’s versatility is what makes it so easy to work into our menus. Find it in sauces for vegetable crudités, tofu, and dressings for veggie dishes and salads.

We used to mistakenly believe that health and flavor would never go hand in hand. Instead, some of our favorite punches of flavor also have a punch of healthy benefits.

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