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The art of barbecue is bold, vibrant, and charred to perfection. The same can be said of Mexican cuisine, especially Mexican barbecue! In the US, regions across the country are set in deep-rooted traditions that go back generations, and some of these traditions trace back to Mexico. Today, barbecue pit masters in Texas are incorporating the Mexican flavors they grew up on into some of the most flavorful Texas style BBQ. At Valentina’s in Austin, chef Miguel Vidal offers meals such as Mexican brisket and beef fajita tacos. Baked beans take on Mexican flare as borracho “drunken” beans, slow cooked with a blend of Latin spices and dark lager.

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At the Barrio Café Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza combines ancient Mexican traditions with modern techniques to create a unique barbecue. Traditional Mexican barbecue is cooked in a hole in the ground. Chef Esparza uses a combination of an upright and an offset smoker to mimic the ancient cooking methods. With meats wrapped in cactus pads, banana leaves or maguey, they go in the smokers, with a tin of water to retain moisture, and continue to sit in the smoke to form a bark.

Mexican barbecue is a guaranteed hit on the menu. With the exciting mix of cumin, chiles, garlic, cilantro and other flavors, chefs incorporate traditional Mexican recipes and ingredients into their cooking. Add a Latin kick to your barbecue this summer. Be bold!

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