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The New-Found School of Fish

If you are a seafood lover you may find yourself in the salmon, tuna, shrimp box. It’s time to swim out into unchartered waters. Today Chefs are using more unique species to save on the cost of seafood, support sustainability and reduce over fishing of other species. These oddball species once considered trash fish, just didn’t fit into that seafood “box”.

Now with consumers wanting to feel good about all aspects of their meal from were it came from, to trying new flavors, using these varieties is a way to sell more fish. Guests delight in the firm, sweet flavor of Sea Robin, the firm and nutty flavor of Thornyhead or the stronger flavored darker bluefish. Rich flaky Atlantic Butterfish makes wonderful fish and chips. Also look for Sheepshead, Drum and Cobia when you shop.

These varieties though new to most of us, are enjoying new found popularity. Also following nose to table with meat proteins is Hook to Table with seafood. Small fishing associations tag their seafood and the consumer can go on line and see who caught the fish, his home port and the fishing method used. Local organizations such as Sea to Table based in New York, Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance and Local Catch in Monterey Bay are now pursuing this program.

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