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Comfort prevails and with flavor explosion

Trends seems to peak and flow from cutting edge innovation back to the old classics. We are always looking for the next best thing while acknowledging the trends of the past. Comfort food defines this. Comfort based foods are still exploding. From food trucks to global street foods, chef motivated applications continue to entice our palates. Comfort food is defined by its ties to the past, inviting warmth and satisfaction. Today, we want to deliver comfort and nostalgia but dialup the flavor experience with bolder spices and ingredients preparations. Adding concentrated sauce reductions and flavor infusions, plating foods into bites with no separation the plate are just a few of the changes that move a classic comfort food to the front of a menu. Not convinced? Try Nashville hot fried chicken served on top of a crispy mashed potato waffle. Trust us you’ll be a believer.

Just remember Comfort food is also great opportunity to take the old and make it new. So for Sunday breakfast, turn that potato, bacon and onion hash with eggs into roasted sweet potato hash with chicken apple sausage and shallots. You may be surprised at the reaction!

Comfort foods apply in every cuisine whether it be a warm bowl of rice congee in a Chinese home or Yaya’s moussaka for Sunday’s family dinner. With all the talk of comfort food, how can we forget Italian?

Italian cuisine has had one of the largest effects on the American dining scene, continuously pushing itself further into the main stream .The movement today is towards rich, rustic, hearty dishes. Sauces full of chunky tomatoes and vegetables replace smooth tomato and delicate cream sauces. Braised meats are boldly flavored with intense meat broths. Cheeses are sharply aged but also creamy as burrata, whipped ricotta and flavor infused mozzarellas finish off plates in many cuisines. We see sandwiches full of authentic Italian ingredients. Pasta shapes tend to be larger in size and ravioli is full of indulgent fillings. A lemon and thyme infused ricotta is perfect finished with a light brown butter sauce. With as Italian continues its spell over us this real, rustic approach increases the craveability we all desire.

Viva l’Italia!

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