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Umami Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Umami has gone from ground breaking to a culinary norm. It’s the savory, meaty, earthy taste of the amino acid glutamic acid and has been taking our eating experiences over the top. Why limit it to soup stocks made with seaweed? As with many culinary trends, umami has attracted global attention, bringing variety and new spins.

Naturally, Asian cuisine continues to excite diners and foodies alike! Spice blends such as furikake and togarashi make foods explode with umami. The base of these seasonings is dried fermented fish, seaweed, citrus, sesame seeds to name a few. Togarashi completes Morimoto Las Vegas’s Yellowtail “Pastrami” with Togarashi, Gin Creme Fraiche, Candied Olive, and Morimoto Grapeseed Oil. This is one of the many examples that we see of a hearty dish created through flavor and instead of meat.

Umami isn’t just reserved for Asian cuisine! We recently touched on Mediterranean fare, noting that vegetarian dishes replace meat with enhancements like Za’atar and dukkah. Adding pungent cheeses, like Parmesan, to the top of a pasta dish will add a balanced savory flavor to bitter or sweet pasta dishes. Use glutamate rich anchovies to add the umami taste to a variety of dishes. For example, the classic Caesar salad places dried anchovies on top of the salad leaves with croutons and dressing to impart extra flavor.

Did you know that the curing process adds umami? As do vegetables, such as green peas or mushrooms! Fine dining of all cuisines continues to impart umami of all forms into their dishes. Consider how umami affects your menu and unlock a new world of flavor.

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