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Under the Sea and on Top of the Plate

Recently, we’ve touched on trending topics such as umami and meat replacements. Naturally, this leads us to talk about seafood, a great source of umami and an interesting replacement for common meat dishes. Seafood is saturated on the menu and in the news. Here is what you need to know as you incorporate seafood in your kitchen:

Seafood, along with other ocean sources, adds umami in so many creative forms! Sea vegetables, dried fish, shellfish, dried seaweed, fish skins – These are just some of the ways chefs are adding umami to dishes, creating the ultimate satisfying savory flavor profile! At the Honeypaw in Portland, Maine, chefs served up buckwheat noodles with dried mackerel, cured egg yolk, paddlefish roe, and hazelnut. This is a great example of added umami and texture to an otherwise, simple dish.

One of the most noteworthy ways we see seafood being utilized is as a meat replacement. Charcuterie has been popular for quite some time, and now octopus, triggerfish, and tuna are featured instead of traditional meats. Chef Markus Glocker’s seafood charcuterie includes octopus pastrami with a spice mixture of paprika, coriander seeds, and brown sugar. Strong flavors are mellowed with citrus or brown sugar, making seafood a workable meat alternative. When it’s not being featured as charcuterie, fish works as a simple replacement in less complicated dishes. Blowfish tails are now being hailed as the chicken wings of the sea. The flavor is a cross between lobster tail and chicken tenders. Find it seared at Toro NYC or fried at Brooklyn Fare NY!

To take some of these examples and incorporate them at your restaurant may sound like an undertaking. We suggest that when replacing meats, chefs use less intimidating seafood, like tuna. Not too sure about blowfish tails? Take a seafood favorite and use it when preparing a classic meat dish. We look forward to see how you use seafood in your kitchen!

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