Reducing Sodium The “Chefs Way”

Every day we hear about the dangers of too much sodium in our diet. The average person eats about 1000 mg more than they should; but everywhere we turn the food we love and crave is full of sodium. So what’s a hungry person to do? One option is to use sodium replacers that you find in the store. The aisles are full of various products but mostly they are blends of potassium chloride and salt. Most do not taste like salt and have a strong bitter aftertaste.

Sea salt is another option of which there are many varieties. Examples include Atlantic sea salt, Red Hawaiian, Black Lava, Fleur De Sel, smoked salts and more. These salts all have one thing in common. Just like kosher salt and regular table salt, they are about 40% sodium. So using these do not really lower your sodium intake.

What good are these salts to our daily intake? Not much … unless you begin to look at salt differently. These are finishing salts. A finishing salt should be put on at the last minute before serving the food you are about to eat. If we put them into a soup or sauce, once they are in the solution they will pretty much taste like salt, albeit an expensive one. So the trick is to sprinkle our food, steak, chicken, or fish after it is cooked with a small amount of salt to get the maximum flavor impact without over salting.

Using salts as a finishing touch rather than an ingredient in our food is one way to help reduce total sodium in our diet. Of course this needs to be coupled with a focus on full flavor development, by roasting, charring, or using ingredients that are known for high impact on food … but that is for another posting.

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