The “Latin Resurgence”

In 2002, the first year I did my trend publication, Menu Innovator® I wrote a bit called the Latin explosion. Time gets away, over ten years now, and it seems I could re-write it again. Latin cooking is back and heating up the stoves. Life yearns for color, variety, and spice! And Latin cooking delivers.

From Miami and the Florida Keys, to the Islands, South America and Mexico, Latin cooking is making its presence known. Latin cuisine is exciting with a plethora of new taste, colors and flavors with an endless variety of foods. Once consigned to fine dining establishments, we can now experience Latin flavors in every city, small cafes, food trucks and on the menus of national chains.

Latin cooking comprises a conglomeration of many differing countries, cultures, cooking styles and ingredients. One thing they all have in common is a preponderance of flavor-enhancing accompaniments. A Brazilian (or Argentinian) chimichurri, a Cuban Mojo (pronounced Mo Ho for you Bostonians) can elevate a simple steak to the divine. Even the over-used salsa has taken on new dimensions with differing types of citrus and spice. The pantry is immense with Peruvian potatoes and chilies, oca yams, Seville oranges and every type of herb that you can think of.

We have embraced Latin cooking with open arms, or mouths! Our sleeping palettes, eagerly awaiting the next morsel, bursting with flavor, hunger for more! Empanadas, popussas, ceviche or griddled corn cakes offer the perfect avenue for small plate grazing.

The foods of Latin America are closer to home than many of the other emerging cuisines. We have been eating Mexican for years and the transition to other Latin foods is an easy one.

You will notice I have not touched on “Spain” which needs to be addressed in another blog.

Right now we are going Latin, as in Latin America, so go ahead and embrace …

“Comida Latina, Le Buena Vida”

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