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It’s Snack Time!

Time for a snack? It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and many of us are looking in our desks at work or refrigerators at home for a bite to make it to dinner without fainting from hunger! We are a nation of snackers, and we crave variety. We snack so much that there are now three snacking dayparts in restaurants — mid-morning, late afternoon and late night.

Restaurants are offering menus with bar bites, small plates and half portions. Many of us are choosing a variety of snacking plates instead of main meals. Foods are creative, indulgent, global, regional and healthy (and sometimes not so healthy)!

Consider the all American “French” fried potato. Fries with a little salt and ketchup are always a delicious snack. Restaurants are taking fries to the next level so as a guest you can “have it your way”. How about Disco Fries smothered with brown gravy, fried cheese curds, sautéed onions and mushrooms? Or maybe Gyro Fries topped with lamb, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato and pepperoncini? For those of us who crave Philly Cheesesteak, it’s a natural progression to put it on fries. In San Francisco one can enjoy fries that are soaked in a beer brine for days then fried twice – French fry heaven!

Not all snackers want savory. If you have a sweet tooth you are in luck! Mini ice cream cookie sandwiches and ice cream tacos are cool and delicious in between meal snacks. Fruit and chocolate are two ever popular snack items. A waffle taco filled with chocolate ice cream and raspberry puree dipped in chocolate is to die for!

For those in need of protein, jerky is low in fat and high in protein, and you can find it just about everywhere. Wild boar, duck, venison, chicken, turkey and beef are flavored with garlic, pepper, herbs and even hot habanero. Want to try cherry maple turkey jerky and Korean beef? These, along with many others, can even be ordered online!

Convenience stores and coffee shops offer healthy foods in compartmented containers. Combinations feature cheeses, whole grain crackers, hummus, fruits, vegetables and peanut butters. They are customized and portable. Prepared sandwiches appeal to all ethnic groups – think burritos, healthy wraps and Cuban sandwiches. Here hungry snackers can enjoy just about any type of sandwich and fresh fruit any hour of the day.

The health concious are not forgotten in the snackfood takeover. Superfoods such as kale chips, nut mixes, and chia pudding are sold at health food restaurants as well as the local convenient store and supermarkets. Acai blended with super fruits and grains create healthy bowls ready to eat anytime. It’s truly the perfect combination of convenience and nutrition!

Snack on America! Our options are limitless!

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