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Summer Means Ice Cream

In the Northeast, summer begins with the opening of ice cream stands, in other areas by the appearance of new flavors. This summer flavors are bold, fresh and deliciously sweet. All are winners to our palates and stomachs! Black raspberry, Rocky Road and Summertime Peach are always favorites. However, this year some unique flavors appear to have a following of their own.

Caramel Corn on the Cob? Yes, this is an actual flavor of ice cream! A creamery in Portland Oregon was ingenious to combine another summer favorite corn on the cob, with number one ice cream! The caramel is generous and the ice cream truly tastes like buttered corn. Now that is an ice cream dream. I had lobster ice cream from a food truck in Nashville. What an idea to combine two indulgent foods together into one. The lobster ice cream was sweet, savory and buttery flavored and filled with chunks of Maine lobster.

Flavors like Whiskey and Pecan Praline Ice Cream accentuates the addition of alcohol into ice creams this year. The caramel-coated pecan pralines are nice and crispy and a true Kentucky bourbon flavor is in every bite, giving the ice cream a balanced, sweet and savory taste. Some other new ice cream flavors include Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbon – salted caramel at its very best, Boysenberry Rosemilk Jam and rich Strawberry Ricotta. We also love Savannah Buttermint Ice Cream, a blend of peppermint, sea salt, butter and white chocolate flecks – creamy and rich, refreshing and exciting, all churned into one flavor that will have all of us screaming for more. This brings back memories the soft pillow mints we ate as children!

This year one of the larger New England based ice cream shops had a revelation for a Father’s Day treat. Why not combine two favorites of many dads, ice cream and beer! Beer has a wide variety of flavors due to its combination of ingredients malt, hops and yeast. Restaurants also often offer beer and ice cream floats. Mint Chocolate Chip with Coffee Porter sounds great or Chocolate and Belgian quad. How about Jamoca Almond Fudge with Blueberry Ale? Endless combinations!

With most of the country sweltering through a summer heat wave it’s nice to cool down with frozen ice pops. That brings up my childhood memory of waiting on the corner for the Ice Cream Man and my root beer frozen pop. Restaurants are using them on plated desserts and some are adding alcohol to them for a grown-up treat. I had a sangria pop in Boston that saved me from a total summer melt down! Seasonal booze-sicles are a great idea for adults.

Out of all the desserts that I’m not supposed to have, ice cream is one I totally cannot resist. Sitting at the end of the day with my special bowl filled with ice cream or my favorite pop totally relaxes me. In fact I think it’s time for a bourbon fudge-sicle right about now!

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