Welcome to my New Blog, “Chef’s Roundtable”

In celebration of “Fifteen Years” consulting to the food industry, I have decided to enter the blogging world! My first foray, so here goes. My Journey began 37 years ago, opening oysters, peeling potatoes, getting yelled at as an apprentice. Since then, I have taken a wide variety of paths. Trained in the classics, Nouvelle French and Italian, I went into Thai Cooking, long before it was popular. In fact, I was a chef of a Thai restaurant over twenty years ago. I then moved to product development where I am still today. It is this varied background that I want to express in this blog with my own subjective opinion on food. From ingredients, the latest hot topic, how to make something, the best restaurants and my current passion, helping the world eat a better diet, I will be delving into a world of food!

Please stay tuned!!

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